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My name is Mona Amiot and I am a stay-at-home mom and wife that was looking for "what is to come next" as I started bringing my son to pre-school. 


I found my love for creating bracelets while assisting my sister-in-law.  As she posted my work online, I realized other people loved my work too!  And so my husband suggested I start my own online business.  And with the support of my family and friends, Lunar Phazes became a reality.

I have always had an interest in "rocks" and had no idea why until now.  Now, I have more stones than I ever would have imagined!  Each natural stone was picked for a reason as I build bracelets.  I am a perfectionist; therefore, each bracelet is not completed until I think it is perfect.   The bracelets are intended to be used to assist people in healing blocked chakras. 

I have found my own healing through stones and sound; therefore, felt I needed to help others do the same.  I am currently learning to evolve and am taking a crystal course to enhance my current knowledge.  There is so much to learn and always room to grow.


Every bracelet is made with much love and pride.  My hope is that a bracelet will help you heal and look great at the same time.


Like lunar phases, we go through phases where life can be challenging.


I use the healing energy of stones  and colour in  bracelets to help me through those phases.  

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