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How do stones help us heal?

Ok . . .I am going through a challenging phaze and I bought a healing bracelet from Lunar Phazes.  Now what?

Choosing your bracelet is just the beginning.  Natural stones carry the energy or vibration of the earth. But crystals/stones are not magical and are not going to change your life without work on your part. 


You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you ?

So here is the Lunar Phazes "Prescription":

Program the stones in your bracelet with your intention.​

  • The stones work with your intention; therefore, you need to tell them what to do.  Hold the bracelet in your hand and tell the stones (out loud or in your head),  "I ask the highest vibration of love and light to connect with me to clear any unwanted, negative energy to make room for what serves me best.  I command these stones to "put your intention".  (Example:  to help me heal from the "be specific")

(Let me be clear . . . you are not praying to the stone in the process above.  You are holding the stones as a source for you to connect more deeply within yourself).


We all have "hurts" from the past and, in my opinion, the only way to move forward is to DEAL with them.  Forgetting them and putting them under the rug only causes negative energy to be stored in our bodies which can manifest itself into something worse later.  A physical challenge.

So the stones may be magical as they help find the strength within you!  Now it is up to you to manifest a positive future!

Personal Story . . .
to help you understand

I was truly ready to make a positive move forward, Tired of letting this situation which hurt my feeling affect me further.

I had a nice, warm, quiet bath.  I took my bracelets and other stones near the tub where I could see them and lit a few candles.  (I chose heart chakra that day so surrounded myself with pink bracelet, large rose quartz stone, and a pink chakra orgonite.) 


I truly did not know how to meditate so I simply downloaded some chakra healing music and focused on just breathing.  I concentrated on what hurt me and asked God/Spirit/Source to help me clear the unwanted hurt as it no longer served me.  I asked to make room for what does serve me.  Over a period of about 20 minutes, I could actually feel a "lump" of energy in my chest form and then make its way up and out of my mouth.  The pain left!  And then came tears,

At first, I was wondering "what just happened?"  I must be crazy, right?  But now, I know the hurt feels different for me.  In fact, my perspective has changed.  Instead of a negative experience, it just feels like a story and I have been able to move forward.  More room in me for some positive energy!  

I truly believe that God/Spirit/Source has blessed us with these tools of stones, music, nature etc for us to use.  So let's use them to their fullest potential and believe in the energy they carry.  So every time you admire your Lunar Phazes bracelet, let it remind you to be courageous.  Believe you can make a change and let go of the negative energy that no longer serves you to let the light come in.  Be grateful for all that you are and all that you have.



Be courageous.  Believe    you can make a change and let go of the negative energy

that no longer serves you to let the light come in.

Be grateful for all that you are

and all that you have!

Wear your Lunar Phazes bracelet with strength and pride. 
Tap into the bracelet's stones healing energy and
know they were created to help you heal.
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