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Latest Releases

This page is continuously being updated with new releases; therefore changes are ongoing.

Let Lunar Phazes provide you with gentle healing through periods of challenge such as sadness, loneliness, change and uncertainty


Feel the Power of the Sea with Mother of Pearl stones.  Soothes fear and helps give clarity for decision making.  Help become more adaptable, sensitive and stimulates your intuition.


Features Matte Chrysocolla which is known as the "Teaching Stone."  Spin your feelings into something productive.  Stirs curiosity and invites you to seek higher knowledge.  Soul soothing.  Encourages self-awareness.  Can help give you an inner boost to make a powerful transformation.


Features Carnelian to help restore your vitality, motivation and stimulates creativity.  Trust yourself and overcome abuse of any kind.  Clarifies perception and improves your analytical abilities.  Calms anger and replaces it with a love of life.  Stimulates sexuality.


Features Matte Impression Jasper which is supporting in times of stress and brings tranquility.  Absorbs negative energy.  Encourages trust, hope, calm and courage.

Also features a rectangular White Cream Howlite Turquoise stone which teaches us patience.  Calming stones.  Calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression.


(Red Carnelian Version)

Features Poppy Seed Jasper which is an energizing stone to inspire a positive and joyful outlook, Pyrite to protect you from all forms of negative vibrations and to stimulate your intellect and Garnet to bring serenity or passion as appropriate as well as inspires love and devotion.



This latest version of Tuscany features more Jade stones  which are protective.  Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  Attracts good luck and friendship.  Stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency.  Soothes the mind releasing negative thoughts.


Also has Picasso Jasper stones which attracts positive people.  Supports friendships.  Strong grounding and calming quality that helps encourage strength and self-discipline.

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