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Landscape Collection

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Information Sheet

It should be no surprise I was inspired by Mother Nature's beauty.

The creation of

Landscape Collection

is to celebrate our beautiful landscapes

found all over our beautiful world

Japan beautiful landscape Mountain Fuji
Branches of blossoming cherry against ba

I designed a bracelet to celebrate Japan's landscape.

This bracelet represents the cherry blossoms in spring within the background scene of Mountain Fuji.


This bracelet is named "Sakura"

which means

cherry blossom in Japanese.

Inspired by the Sonoran Desert

that covers Northwestern Mexico and Southwestern United States. 

The Sonora desert in central Arizona USA

This bracelet is named "Sonora"

This bracelet is reminiscent of the beautiful tropical forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica.

It is a cloud forest landscape on a foggy day.  

Cloud forest landscape of Monteverde Cos

The bracelet is named


Castle Peaks Sunrise Mojave National Pre
Desert sunset in the Mojave Desert at Jo

This one was made to represent the beautiful landscape of the Mojave Desert in California, United States


The sunset of the

Mojave Desert

inspired the bracelet named


Honokalani Black Sand Beach (Road to Han

This bracelet represents the black sand, blue water and white waves coming in on that beach!

It's name is, of course, "Honokalani".

Have you ever been to Maui and traveled the "Road to Hana?"

This road will lead you to an incredible black sand beach named

Honokalani Beach. 

Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), Atacama

This is "Valle de Luna" or "Moon Valley"

in the

Atacama Desert in Chile.

New Version
Coming Soon!

This beautiful landscape

is the inspiration for the bracelet named "Atacama".

Landscape panorama from Tuscany, in the

This bracelet was designed for you to dream or remember the incredible panoramic view of

Tuscany in Italy.

This bracelet is therefore named,


Red wine bottle and wine glass on wodden

Coming Soon!

For those who have travelled to France, all remember the beautiful landscape of the lavender fields in Provence, France

This bracelet is named "Provence"

There is a little bit of home

in this bracelet. . . 

My family is fortunate to see the Northern Lights where we live in Northern Alberta.

Colorful polar arctic Northern lights Au

This one is called


Earth and galaxy. Elements of this image

When this one was being created, I saw the landscape of

Mother Earth.

This one is a reminder for us

to be thankful

for the world we live in.

Imagine the view from space looking down at Earth . . . 


This bracelet is called


Beautiful caribbean beach on Saona islan

Like many Caribbean beaches,

Bavaro Beach in The Dominican Republic has a landscape of

pure peace and relaxation.

This bracelet is simply called

"The Dominican"

Aerial of Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, Domi

This bracelet was created to bring us back

to those beautiful beaches and help us remember

the peace we find within ourselves while we are there.

This next bracelet takes us to "Old Havana, Cuba".  The colours in the bracelet signify, the old stones, the water and the setting sunset over the ocean and buildings.   



Wedding sunny couple in Cuba near the se
Havana, Cuba. October 31, 2020. Morro's
Old car on street of Havana at sunset, C

A landscape to see is the beautiful beaches of Northern Holland.  The sand dunes, the grass and of course the beach and sea is what inspired the bracelet simply named "Holland"

Dune grass and North sea beach.jpg

"Holland" is the name of

this bracelet

sand dunes at North sea beach, Schiermon

This landscape is on my list to see.  

Let's celebrate Arabian sunsets

where the hues of red are many on the hot desert sand.

The "Sahara"

Hottest Desert on Earth

The Arabian Sunset.jpg

This is a landscape that is a bit different from the other wire-wrap bracelets created by Lunar Phazes.

City of Las Vegas Skyline at Scenic Dusk. Colorful Lights of the World Famous Sin City. Ne

Coming Soon!

It represents the lights and glitz of the Las Vegas strip. 

It is simply named "Vegas".

Lighted sign reading Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada with fireworks in background. Ho
Casino Slot Machines. Las Vegas Strip Digital Slot Machine Closeup. Sin City Gabling. Las

This notable rock formation

 rises from the sea and marks the meeting point between the Pacific Ocean and

the Gulf of California near

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Coming Soon!

This bracelet is named "Cabo"

Alberta is known for its Rocky Mountain landscape 

in Banff

This bracelet is named "Banff"

Coming Soon!

A landscape that is unforgettable in summer or winter

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