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My name is Mona Amiot

My journey started as my little one started pre-school where I discovered my passion for creating bracelets. When I shared them online, the love poured in! With the support of my family and friends, Lunar Phazes came to life.

Each gem is carefully chosen and transformed into a beautiful, healing bracelet. These bracelets unblock chakras and bring soulful harmony.

I've experienced my own healing journey with stones and sound. That's why I'm here to share this magic with you. Each bracelet's energy has been cleared and charged for it's new owner. With every bracelet, I pour my heart and soul into my hope is that they not only heal but also make you feel amazing!

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About Our Bracelets

Chakra Healing Jewelry - Exquisite Handmade Wire-Wrap Bracelets

Our unique collection of wire-wrap bracelets showcases the artistry of handmade jewelry, meticulously crafted using premium silver-plated memory wire designed specifically for chakra jewelry making.

Each bracelet features carefully selected spacers and beads sourced from various corners of the globe, exclusively chosen for their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal. At our studio, we prioritize the acquisition of natural stones, untouched by treatments or artificial heating processes, ensuring an authentic and organic experience. However, on rare occasions, we make deliberate exceptions to achieve the perfect color combination. Rest assured, any such exceptions will be clearly communicated in the stone details, ensuring complete transparency.

It is important to emphasize that these bracelets still possess the inherent healing properties associated with the stones, despite any modifications made to enhance their visual harmony. Our commitment to preserving the integrity of these natural materials ensures that you can enjoy the profound benefits of our healing bracelets.

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