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Our Empowering Gemstone Bracelet features Smoky Quartz, Lava Stone, Brown Snowflake Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, Black Onyx, Multicolor Moonstone, Red Snowflake Jasper, and Hematite. Experience the benefits of neutralizing negative vibrations, strength, purity, grounding, protection, intuition, emotional balance, and self-esteem. Enhance your well-being and cultivate inner strength with this powerful combination.


This bracelet is made with 4 mm and 8 mm stones and spacers.  It also features one 8 mm multicolor moonstone.


Each bracelet comes with a sheer organza gift bag and a card with the stone names and stone properties for future reference.

The Ceres

SKU: 0036
    • Smoky Quartz - Will gently neutralize negative vibrations dispersing fear, lifts depression and negativity.  Brings emotional calm which relieves stress and anxiety. Detoxifying stone.
    • Lava Stone - Provides strength and courage through times of change and its porous surface can hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil for extra-vibration enhancement
    • Brown Snowflake Obsidian - A stone of purity.  Provides balance for the body, mind and spirit. Helps you recognize "wrong thinking" and release stressful mental patters.  Empowers isolation and loneliness aiding surrender in meditation.
    • Mahogony Obsidian - Strengthens the aura protecting against repeated problems.  Provides grounding and protection.  Eliminates energetic blockages, relieves tension and helps to stimulate growth on all levels.
    • Black Onyx - Protection stone which absorbs and transforms negative energy.  A good friend throug times of change, especially stressful ones.  For stamina and strength.
    • Multicolor Moonstone – For protection and intuition.  Good for getting you attuned to your own moon cycle.
    • Red Snowflake Jasper - Powerful protective stone that calms emotions and cultivates inner strength. This "warrior stone" stimulates life force energy and promotes vibrancy, endurance, stamina, focus and determination
    • Hematite - For grounding, calming, protection and self-esteem


    Disclaimer:  Healing Stone meanings are not replacements for medical prescriptions or medical advice

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