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Embrace the harmonious energy of The Theia bracelet with Citrine for abundance and self-confidence, Clear Quartz for psychic enhancement, Lava Stone for strength in change, Rose Quartz for love and healing, Snow Quartz for balance and patience, Brass for personal energy, and Rhodochrosite for self-worth and healing. Discover the power of love and forgiveness within you.


This new version features even more rhodochrosite stones!  It is simply beautiful!


This bracelet is made with 4 mm and 6 mm stones and spacers. It also features three 8 mm snow quartz stone.


Each bracelet comes with a sheer organza gift bag and a card with the stone names and stone properties for future reference.

The Theia

SKU: 0042
    • Citrine – Cleanses the chakras and opens intuition.  Attracts wealth, prosperity and success.  Imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.  Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.
    • Clear Quartz – Enhances psychic abilities. Aids concentration and unlocks the memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Enhances the abilities of the other stones.
    • Lava Stone – Provides strength and courage through times of change and its porous surface can hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil for extra-vibration enhancement
    • Rose Quartz – A very soft, nurturing energy that helps with depression, grief, sleep, skin and everything to do with giving and receiving love.
    • Snow Quartz – For balance and patience.
    • Brass – Boosts the immune system.  Gives courage.  Repeated wearing of brass will cause the stones to take on your own body chemistry revealing your personal energy signature.
    • Rhodochrosite – Direct your gaze inwards and help yourself find love and forgiveness.  Improves your self-worth.  Opens your heart lifting depression.  Helps heal wounds, trauma or memories from your past.  It encourages a cheerful attitude to stimulate love and passion which is energizing to your soul.


    Disclaimer:  Healing Stone meanings are not replacements for medical prescriptions or medical advice.

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