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Embrace the empowering energy of this bracelet inspired by strength and protection. Citrine cleanses the chakras and attracts wealth and prosperity while boosting self-esteem. Lava Stone provides courage during times of change and can hold your favorite essential oil for added vibrational enhancement. Pyrite shields against negative vibrations and enhances memory and intellect. Black Tourmaline creates a protective shield and helps transform negative patterns. Rainbow Obsidian grounds and transmutes negative energies. Tourmaline in various colors brings self-compassion, anxiety relief, joy, and confidence. Hematite grounds, calms, and protects, fostering self-esteem. Together, they form a powerful combination for grounding, protection, and self-empowerment.


It is made with 3 mm to 8 mm stones and spacers.  It features a 9.5 x 7mm feature stone with black cubic zirconias which resembles a dice.


Each bracelet comes with a sheer organza gift bag and a card with the stone names and stone properties for future reference.

Las Vegas

SKU: 0005
    • Citrine – Cleanses the chakras and opens intuition.  Attracts wealth, prosperity and success.  Imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.  Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.
    • Lava Stone – Provides strength and courage through times of change and its porous surface can hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil for extra-vibration enhancement
    • Pyrite – Powerful, protective stone shielding and protecting you against all forms of negative vibration or energy.  It stimulates the intellect and enhances memory to help recall relevant information when you need it.
    • Black Tourmaline – Blocks, repels and protects you from negative energies by creating a protective energetic shield.  Grounding, protecting and helps swap out old detrimental patterns for positive ones.  Be prepared to welcome positive energy in!
    • Rainbow Obsidian – Grounding and transmuting negative energies into positive energy
    • Tourmaline – Comes in many different colors.  Green to help practice a little more self-compassion, Black to cut through anxiety, Pink to bring gentle joy and fill you with self-love, Red to boost your confidence
    • Hematite – For grounding, calming, protection and self-esteem


    Disclaimer:  Healing Stone meanings are not replacements for medical prescriptions or medical advice.

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