Are you "Inspired" to take the next big step?  Maybe missing a little confidence or need just a little push to make things happen?  This is the bracelet for you!  


Need a little more support in the form of a person?  Contact my friend Carrie Lecuyer who is a Life Coach.  She will be a great support for you!


Please note:  The deep blue kyanite stones may vary in color.  Some are quite dark but do not worry, they were chosen for the Grade AAA quality and have an energy I absolutely love.



(Stardust Collection)


  • Larvikite - Helps to connect with Mother Nature.  Stimulates intuition and brings clarity to mind.
  • Lava Stone - Provides strength and courage through times of change and its porous surface can hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil for extra-vibration enhancement.
  • Clear Quartz - Enhances psychic abilities.  Aids concentration and unlocks the memory.  Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.  Enhances the ability of other stones.
  • Sodalite - 
  • Labradorite - Enhances mental and intuitive abilities.  Calms an overactive mind and energizes imagination.  Brings back joy and spontaneity.  Helps emotional drain of a daily routine or responsibility.  Facilitates peaceful, restful and a deep sleep.  Awakens a sense of adventure and change.  Encourages to go after your dreams.  Clears the negative energy so you can let your inner light shine and reach your true potential
  • Blue Kyanite - 
  • Gunmetal/Hematite - For grounding, calming, protection and self-esteem


Disclaimer:  Healing Stone meanings are not replacements for medical prescriptions or medical advice.




  • This bracelet is made with 2 mm to 8 mm stones and spacers. It features 3 x 8 mm deep blue Kyanite stones.  These stones may vary in color but they are Grade AAA quality and are filled with an energy I absolutely love!

    Each bracelet comes with a sheer organza gift bag and a card with the stone names and stone properties for future reference.

    Makes a great gift!

  • In order to protect the bracelet's beauty, it is suggested to remove it prior to bathing, swimming, washing, cleaning or exercising.

    When any metal is in contact with water or any chemical, it will cause it to oxidize or tarnish. Take care of your bracelet and it will take care of you!